Health Benefits of Sewing

Sewing Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
Because sewing involves cutting along straight and  curved lines while the machine is working, your spatial perception improves. Additionally, if you hand sew something, you become even more in tune with your work due to the added awareness of where the needle needs to be placed, and how your hands must work together. The more you sew, the more your hand-eye coordination improves.

Sewing Keeps Your Fingers Nimble
Regular use of our fingers increases dexterity! Studies have also shown that people who are suffering from arthritis find sewing soothing because the repetitive motions soften the joints over time.

Active Meditation
The many psychological benefits you receive from taking your time to focus as you sew are plentiful. Stitching is a great form of active mediation, and many studies have shown that meditation lowers stress and blood pressure.

Sewing Improves Mood
Because of the various mental heath benefits of sewing, we may notice an increase in our daily energy levels. Less stress and more dexterity leads to a much better mood overall - not to mention that feeling of satisfaction when you complete a project!

Sewing Helps the Immune System
When we’re happier and our body has more energy, we also feel stronger overall. This can contribute to a stronger immune system, which can help us fight off illness. Scientific evidence suggests that being happy  can have major health benefits!

Sewing Fights Dementia
Because sewing improves our dexterity and focus, and quite we are learning new techniques or problem solving as we go, evidence suggests that people who sew or partake in other types of needlework experience dementia and age-related brain deterioration to a much lesser degree. The brain is an organ like any bother and if you don’t use and challenge it often, it will waste away naturally. Sewing provides a perfect way to exercise our brain.