Collection: Sewing Workshops

I have been offering group sewing workshops in the UK and Canada since 2009. If you have an idea that's not listed below, please reach out and we can chat! I'm very flexible and have limitless ideas! 

  • Beginner Sewing
  • Garment Making
  • Repurposing Clothing
  • Bra-Making
  • DIY Swimwear
  • DIY Underwear (including long underwear!)
  • DIY Leggings

    5 women in a sewing studio all holding up hand made bras

Please note that any of my group workshops can also be offered in the form of private lessons.

To book a group workshop or program in your sewing studio or school, please email or call me to chat! I can easily get to places like Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Meadow Lake and North Battleford and with plenty of lead time, I can travel further afield.